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Some Kyrgyzstanis refuse vaccination due to fasting

Some Kyrgyzstanis in regions of the country refuse vaccination against COVID-19, citing fasting. Readers told 24.kg news agency.

They wonder whether those wishing can get vaccinated, if there are no volunteers among doctors and teachers.

The Republican Center for Immunoprophylaxis reminded about the permission of the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of the Kyrgyz Republic to vaccination during Ramadan. According to representatives of the SDMK, people can get vaccinated not only after the dusk, but also during the day.

As for the vaccination campaign itself, the Republican Center for Immunoprophylaxis noted that they have moved from the start-up stage (in three regions of the country) to the first one (everywhere). Currently, only doctors and teachers are invited to vaccination. The second stage will cover the elderly and people with chronic diseases, and the third — everyone. It depends on the supply of the vaccine.

Kyrgyzstan expects 30,000 doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, as well as 405,000 doses of AstraZeneca.

The vaccination campaign against coronavirus started on March 29 in Kyrgyzstan thanks to the humanitarian assistance of the PRC. The 150,000 doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine will only be enough for 75,000 people.