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Measles outbreak in Kyrgyzstan: National Vaccination Calendar changed

Changes have been made to the preventive vaccination calendar — vaccination with the second dose of rubella-parotitis-measles vaccine has been moved from the age of six to the age of two. The press center of the Ministry of Health reported.

The decision was made on the basis of scientifically substantiated recommendations of the Scientific and Technical Group of Experts on Immunization.

The ministry noted that the situation with measles remains tense. As of March 12, at least 5,446 cases were registered. In order to reduce the incidence of measles among children from 12 months to four years old, the Scientific and Technical Group of Experts on Immunization recommended revaccination against measles and rubella of children at the age of two years, as at this age vaccination will reduce the risk of measles infection among susceptible children.

«Shortening the immunization interval will provide long-term protection and resistance of the body to the causative agent of measles,» the Ministry of Health explained.

Vaccination is an effective and cost-effective means of protection against infectious diseases known to modern medicine. The more people are immune to a particular disease, the less likely others are to get sick, the less likely an epidemic will occur.