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Over 700 women provided with hygiene kits in Kyrgyzstan

More than 700 women received assistance in the form of basic hygiene kits in Kyrgyzstan. The UN reports.

According to the organization, UN Women provided assistance to women in 27 country’s communities during the pandemic.

«A period of self-isolation is particularly difficult for economically inactive women or families with low incomes. The crisis leads to an increase in the need for personal hygiene and disinfection products, as well as remedies that are difficult for families with limited incomes,» the UN says.

A pandemic is not just a health crisis, it is a humanitarian crisis where women disproportionately bear this burden at home and in the economy as a whole.

UN Women

«In April, 16 villages of Osh, Jalal-Abad and Naryn region received humanitarian aid in the form of protective equipment (masks, sanitizers, gloves), cleaning products, children’s and adult diapers and thermometers. In total, more than 2,200 families and 366 employees of the FAPs, ayil headquarters, checkpoints and hospitals received aid,» the organization says.