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Foreign Ministry evacuates over 2,000 Kyrgyzstanis from different countries

Since the end of March, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan has organized several charter flights for evacuation of citizens from abroad. The First Deputy Foreign Minister Nurlan Niyazaliev told at a briefing.

According to him, in general, 2,719 citizens have been transported to their homeland by air.

«At the end of March, an emergency response center was created at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support our citizens abroad and solve issues of their return to homeland. All foreign agencies of the Kyrgyz Republic work under no timeline and monitor the situation around the clock. In particular, they have managed to evacuate the Kyrgyzstanis thanks to Kazakh airlines. The citizens were taken out from Russia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Korea, France, Sri Lanka, Turkey and other countries. Citizens of Kyrgyzstan stay in 42 countries of Europe, Asia and America,» Nuran Niyazaliev said.