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Businessmen complain to Security Council about incompetence of officials

Secretary of the Security Council, Damir Sagynbayev, held a working meeting with the leaders of non-governmental public organizations working in the field of combating corruption. The Information Policy Department of the Presidential Administration of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

The issues of corruptness of judicial, supervisory and law enforcement agencies were raised at the meeting.

A number of existing problems in legislation were noted, such as discretionary powers, conflicts of law and the lack of a methodology for conducting effective anti-corruption expertise of drafts of normative legal acts. The problems that the business community faces in carrying out its activities, such as extortion, protection of unscrupulous traders, import of counterfeit products, arbitrariness and lack of professionalism, were voiced.

Damir Sagynbayev noted that these issues were under constant control of Sooronbai Jeenbekov. Documents aimed at self-cleaning are being prepared as part of the fight against corruption in the judicial, supervisory and law enforcement agencies. A system of prohibitions and restrictions will be applied to employees, allowing to detect unscrupulous employees of law enforcement agencies.

«One of the important components of a successful fight against corruption is an increase in the transparency of the work of state bodies in conjunction with ensuring the transparency of decision making. Another important anti-corruption mechanism is the evaluation and monitoring of the work of state bodies conducted by non-governmental organizations. Messages and information that non-governmental organizations provide in the form of alternative reports or appeals addressed to the president often reveal hidden corruption risks in the activities of the authorities and reveal corrupt officials,» said Damir Sagynbayev.