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CSTO is a guarantor of security and defense of Kyrgyzstan - Marat Imankulov

The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) is a guarantor of security and defense of Kyrgyzstan. The Secretary of the Security Council of the Kyrgyz Republic Marat Imankulov said at a round table.

According to him, «we see that the world has divided into opposite polar groups.»

«At the present stage, it is important to draw the right lesson from the crises that have occurred and are occurring within and in our immediate environment. Being complex and multifaceted, security problems do not carry unresolved contradictions for the countries of Central Asia. It is important to constantly look for any opportunities to compare our positions and agree on joint steps for the near future to combat challenges and threats. The main thing that unites the centralized states is a common desire for peace and mutually beneficial cooperation,» he said.

According to the Secretary of the Security Council of the Kyrgyz Republic, it becomes obvious that in the current conditions the most popular topic for discussion is the creation of a new architecture of collective security. All Central Asian countries are interested in preserving stability and peace in the region, but there are processes that are influenced from outside.

«It seems to me that the guarantor of our security from global challenges and threats is the people of Kyrgyzstan themselves, our armed forces, our law enforcement agencies. But this is not enough. In the presence of a global threat, the efforts of one country are not enough. Practice has shown that even economically and militarily powerful states have failed to contain such onslaughts. That is what regional organizations are for. These are the SCO, a reputable political organization, and the CIS. But still, I see the Collective Security Treaty Organization as a key one, which is currently the guarantor of Kyrgyzstan’s security and protection from global external threats,» Marat Imankulov added.

He believes that «all member states play an important role in the CSTO, but the key player is Russia. And this should not embarrass anyone, given that the Russian side has more serious capabilities of both the armed forces and the economy».