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Bishkek residents concerned about situation with railway

In course of a survey on public security problems, Bishkek residents expressed concern about the situation with the railway. The Civil Union «For Reforms and Result» reported.

As noted, residents of residential areas in Leninsky district of Bishkek are particularly worried about the security in the territories adjacent to the railway. According to them, the trains hit the people and livestock, suicides are often committed there.

Surveyed townspeople noted that both the railway staff and the police carry out the preventive work with the population. However, this does not always achieve the goal: the people living near the railway do not observe the safety rules themselves, they do not look after the children and their cattle.

According to the Transport Department of Internal Affairs, in 2017, at least 11 pedestrians were hit in Bishkek, six people were killed and five — injured.

At least 12 cases were registered in 2016, half of them were fatal.

The most common reasons for getting people under the train were alcohol and drug intoxication, the use of phones and headphones while being on the road. Cases of industrial accidents and facts, when a disease of a victim (epilepsy, mental disorder) became the cause of an accident, were recorded.

According to official data, in 2017, not a single fact of suicide was recorded on the railway, in 2016 — two.

There are also facts of a collision of vehicles with a train. According to Kyrgyz Temir Zholu, their main cause is the violation of traffic rules by drivers: bypassing of a barrier or special fencing, moving into a railway with a prohibiting signal, crossing a railroad track along a footway or in another wrong place.