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State Corporation to be created on basis of State Registration Service

The government intends to create a state corporation Zhany Door on the basis of the State Registration Service. The document was submitted for public discussion.

As of today, there are three departments in the State Registration Service system, one agency, two state enterprises and one state institution. The total number of employees is 9,284 people.

«Sustained improvement of the quality of services provided to the public, full automation of internal business processes of SRS, transformation of archival documents into electronic form, as well as further technical equipment require significant financial infusions in the coming year. The existing infrastructure, equipment and software purchased at the expense of donor funds will require replacement in 3-5 years,» the background statement says.

At the same time, additional assistance from donors is not expected at this time, and the state budget funds are severely limited. Therefore, the question of the financial stability of the registration system arises.

Chairman of SRS Dastan Dogoev

To solve the problems, it is proposed to reform the registration system. At the first stage, this will allow to reduce approximately 500 million soms of expenses for the maintenance of SRS system due to the transition to self-financing and reduce the staff with the switch to contractual relations.

At the second stage, highly qualified personnel will be recruited and the wage system will be regulated depending on the quality of the services provided.

«This is a completely different level of work. Today, the problem of incompetence of personnel is urgent, there are weak, unprofessional workers. Under the existing law, it is very difficult to dismiss such people: they will be reinstated through the court and may seek compensation. We want to correct this gap and employ good specialists. We will not have civil servants, they all will be dismissed. The provision of services will accelerate, we will eliminate the bureaucracy and completely damage the corruption. This is done with one goal — for the comfort of the population,» press service of the SRS explained 24.kg news agency.

Answering the question if the prices of services for the population will be increased, press secretary of the SRS Melis Erzhigitov replied: «We can not say it for sure yet. Now our financiers are working on this issue.»

«At present, the SRS transfers a large amount of profit to the budget. For example, a state number plate was sold at an auction for several thousand soms, and 90 percent of them go to the budget. If this money remains with us, we will spent it on development. We need to work out an approach with the Finance Ministry. This is a complex process. The process of transformation will take up to a year,» he added.

SRS throughout the year serves more than 2 million Kyrgyzstanis and foreign citizens.

In the medium term, the corporation can enter the list of large taxpayers of the country with an income of 6-7 billion soms per year.