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15 people die of hypothermia on Bishkek streets in 2018

At least 15 people died of hypothermia on the streets of Bishkek since the beginning of the year. The Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the capital reported.

According to the agency, all of them were homeless.

«Since the beginning of the year, 15 people have been found dead in Bishkek on the streets. According to the forensic medical examination, they died from hypothermia. Last week, during the implementation of preventive measures, 239 people, who were engaged in vagrancy and begging, were found,» the Central Internal Affairs Directorate said.

It is specified that 22 homeless people were sent to Kolomto shelter and 25 people — to reception center for violation of public order. Every day, police officers conduct raids, check the basements and attic rooms of the heating line, sewer hatches.

The press service also noted that since the beginning of the year, employees of the mobile battalion have saved 85 people who froze on the street. Homeless people were among them.