USD 69.84
EUR 78.88
RUB 1.05

Dollar falls in price again in Kyrgyzstan

After a sharp increase in the dollar’s exchange rate during the New Year’s weekend, the American currency again began to become cheaper. For two days, it lost 20 tyiyns in price.

Today, the capital’s exchange offices and commercial banks buy dollar for 68.8-69 soms, and sell — for 69.8-69.25.

Thus, dollar in Kyrgyzstan returned to the values ​​of the end of December 2017.

The nominal rate was set by the National Bank at 68, 9225 soms (0.14 percent growth per day).

U.S. dollar in Kyrgyzstan began to rise in price in October and reached 69.9 soms by mid-November. However, then the National Bank entered the foreign exchange market with interventions, which allowed first to stabilize the dollar exchange rate, and then completely to reduce it. In total, in November-December, it conducted 12 interventions, having sold $ 67.2 million.