USD 87.90
EUR 95.55
RUB 0.99

Dollar, euro and Russian ruble depreciate in Kyrgyzstan

Buying rate of the U.S. dollar decreased by 20-30 tyiyns for 24 hours in Kyrgyzstan, and the selling rate in some banks also became lower.

Today, exchange offices in the capital and commercial banks buy the dollars for 89-89.1 soms and sell for 89.7-89.87 soms. The nominal exchange rate was set by the National Bank at 89.1679 soms (0.19 percent drop).

The euro also depreciated slightly. Today it is bought for 96.1-96.5 soms, sold for 97-97.3 soms. Its official exchange rate is 96.4975 soms (0.33 percent drop).

Russian ruble also depreciated. It still remains below the Kyrgyz som. Its buying rate is 0.94-0.955 soms, the selling rate is 0.97-0.98 soms. The nominal exchange rate is 0.9651 som (0.25 percent drop).

The Kazakh tenge, on the contrary, slightly appreciated. It is bought for 0.138-0.14 soms, sold for 0.205-0.21 soms with the official exchange rate at 0.2 som (0.05 percent growth).