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Parliament deputies urge to recall Kyrgyz ministers from EEC

Ministers from Kyrgyzstan in the Eurasian Economic Commission should be recalled, the deputy Azamat Arapbaev stated today at the meeting of the parliamentary committee on economic and fiscal policy of the Parliament.

According to him, 21 days ago, the Kazakh side announced an unofficial embargo on the border. "We haven’t heard a single word from our representatives in the EEC. It is necessary to consider their professional suitability or to recall, if they don’t keep up.  We are in the union for 2 years, but have never heard the official representatives. They should report at least to the committee,” Azamat Arapbaev said.

The Deputy Chairman of the committee Abdumazhit Yusurov supported him, having noted that the EEC ministers from Kyrgyzstan should voice their position on the current situation on the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border.