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Kyrgyzstan demonstrates muscle, proving its financial independence

Political scientist Aida Alymbayeva commented to 24.kg news agency the government’s decision to denounce the agreement with Kazakhstan to provide $ 100 million in the framework of Eurasian integration.

«As far as I know the situation, Kazakhstan promises this assistance for the third year, but still didn’t do it. I think that our budget, of course, needs external assistance. And the current refusal is connected only with aggravation of relations between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. And the question that the allocation of money was delaying also influenced today’s decision,» Aida Alymbayeva said.

At the same time, she stressed that it is unlikely that the decision on denunciation will somehow affect the relations of the two neighboring countries. After all, even the decisions that were made during the visit of Sapar Isakov to Astana didn’t resolve the difficulties that arose. To the drivers of trucks, the border service of the neighboring country makes rather strict demands. The number of cargo trucks at the checkpoint don’t reduce.

Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are showing each other muscles. Kyrgyzstan tries to show that the republic is financially self-sufficient country.

Aida Alymbayeva is sure that the KR now puts some kind of pressure on Kazakhstan, proving that we are more or less independent from the neighboring republic. At the same time, the political scientist noted that if there was no worsening of the situation, Kyrgyzstan would accept these $ 100 million. But now we need to show that we are financially self-sufficient country. The decision was still weighted, not hasty. All risks were taken into account. The government of Kyrgyzstan held consultations, calculated the pros and cons of the decision, possible response actions from Kazakhstan.

«I don’t think there will be retaliatory measures on the part of Kazakhstan. After all, this is just a refusal of Kyrgyzstan from the assistance offered by Kazakhstan. This is not connected with any obligations of the KR. This is external help, which we can accept or refuse. This will not affect relations between the two countries. These are not obligations that Kyrgyzstan doesn’t fulfill. It’s just a gesture that shows that Kyrgyzstan doesn’t really depend financially on Kazakhstan. And these $ 100 million, which they were going to give us, are insignificant, it’s not $ 1 billion. Kyrgyzstan wants to show that we can manage without this small amount,» Aida Alymbayeva concluded.

Recall, on the day of voting in presidential elections, October 15, 2017, the incumbent head of state said that Kyrgyzstan doesn’t need $ 100 million from Kazakhstan. The real decision of his words was made yesterday, when the government submitted to the parliament a bill on denunciation of the agreement with Kazakhstan on the allocation of $ 100 million in the framework of Eurasian integration.