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Pre-election steps of SDPK. Offers will be considered

An extraordinary session of the parliament was dictated by the Social Democrats. Not a single faction, including SDPK, was allowed to form a new government. The government, as the deputies recognize, was completely staffed in the presidential administration.

The main goal of the young Prime Minister Sapar Isakov and his subordinates is not «Taza Koom» project and the program that was written «not for 2-3 days, but for a whole month». Before the technical government (this is how Isakov called it) there is another task — to ensure the election campaign of the presidential candidate from the ruling party Sooronbai Jeenbekov.

As the SDPK’s headquarters suggests, the newly formed tandem — Prime Minister Isakov and candidate Jeenbekov — will work actively together in the next two months.

How the weak link was found

A few days before the session, the chances of Sapar Isakov to take the place of head of government were regarded as fifty-fifty. The parliamentary factions «Respublika Ata Jurt», «Onuguu-Progress», «Ata Meken» and some deputies from «Kyrgyzstan» were preparing to rebuff the ruling coalition in the person of SDPK and to vote against the protégé of President Almazbek Atambayev.

Such a variant dissatisfied the SDPK’s main electoral headquarters. Strategists from the camp of social democrats understood that failure with the approval of a new government could lead to defeat in the presidential election.

A weak link in the company of opponents was found very quickly. On the eve of the voting day, at 19.30 on August 24, the challenger for the post of prime minister Sapar Isakov met with the leader of «Onuguu-Progress» party Bakyt Torobayev. After a preventive conversation, a presidential adviser Ikramjan Ilmiyanov came to the midnight rendezvous with the deputy.

On the morning of August 25, before the vote, Ilmiyanov again talked with Torobayev for a long time. After his departure, the party leader gathered Onuguu-Progress faction in his office and announced that they should unanimously support Sapar Isakov.

Then Bakyt Torobayev met with Omurbek Babanov and Kanat Isaev, explained in a «gentlemental way» that their previous agreements had lost force that night and his faction would vote for the candidature presented by the majority coalition.

On what bargained with deputies

Many MPs are inclined to think that the leader of Onuguu-Progress faction was promised the post of speaker of parliament after the presidential campaign. Since the prime ministerial post is busy, it is hardly possible to seriously claim the post of president after such an agreement.

But after October 15, the position of the Speaker of the parliament will be vacant.

Now it is occupied by Chynybai Tursunbekov. Until a certain time, he, like Bakyt Torobayev, opposed the nomination of presidential candidate Sooronbai Jeenbekov.

After the scandal at SDPK congress and the statement of Chynybai Tursunbekov about the desire to participate in the elections, Almazbek Atambayev spoke very harshly with the speaker. He advised him after the elections to leave a big policy and engage in a more intimate and understandable for him business.

Crack-down on rating and allies

Until the end, it is unclear what arguments the presidential candidate Bakyt Torobayev was guided by when deciding on an alliance with the acting authorities and a tandem with Sooronbai Jeenbekov. It is clear that the electorate and the political elite will no longer perceive Onuguu-Progress leader as an independent politician. Neither in the forthcoming campaign, nor in the next elections.

The demarche of Bakyt Torobayev also affected the positions of presidential candidate Omurbek Babanov.

One of the leaders of «Kyrgyzstan» faction Kanat Isayev, explained to 24.kg news agency that neither he nor Omurbek Babanov expected such a move from Torobayev. They had to correct their plans during the session, when it became clear that the votes of the deputies from Respublika Ata Jurt, Kyrgyzstan and Ata Meken wouldn’t be enough to stop the movement to the chair of the Prime Minister.

In a completely different light now looks the newly formed but well-made union of Adakhan Madumarov, Akhmatbek Keldibekov, Kamchybek Tashiev and the stars of the extraordinary session of Bakyt Torobayev. They lost not so much in popularity as lost the credibility of potential allies.

Top three candidates

The election campaign, which is taking place one of these days, will bring many surprises. It is clear that the sympathies of voters will be divided between the candidate from power Sooronbai Jeenbekov and neutral candidates Temir Sariev and Omurbek Babanov.

All three have an established electorate. And on how each of them will hold an election campaign, the distribution of seats at the finish of the presidential race depends.