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Repeat elections: Voter turnout reached 15.85 percent

Repeat elections of a deputy of Parliament of Kyrgyzstan in Lenin single-mandate constituency No. 26 were held on September 10.

The voter turnout reached 15.85 percent — 20,169 people came to the polling stations. The total number of registered voters is 127,239.

According to preliminary data from the automatically reading ballot boxes, businessman, son of former MP Karganbek Samakov, Kubanychbek Samakov, won the majority of votes. 26.14 percent voted for him. Almaz Askar uulu won 13.04 percent, Zhamalbek Yrsaliev — 8.70 percent, Ruslanbek Tagaev — 18.99 percent.

At least 2.83 percent of the voters voted for none of the above.

Earlier, the Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan (CEC) recognized the results of the snap elections of deputy of Parliament in Leninsky district, held on May 28, invalid, as the votes cast for Damira Niyazalieva were canceled. She won 35.86 percent of the votes in the election, which is more than a third.