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Kyrgyzstan may introduce remote voting in elections – CEC head

Kyrgyzstan is considering the possibility of introducing electronic remote voting in elections. The head of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Nurzhan Shaildabekova, stated at a forum in Moscow.

«If parliament and citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic decide on remote electronic voting, this model will be introduced,» she said.

According to the head of the CEC, a similar system has already been tested in 2023 elections to local authorities.

«Remote and electronic voting cannot be implemented simply by making a decision. It should simply be the next stage of the entire complex of implementation of various forms and electronic election management programs,» she noted.

Nurzhan Shaildabekova assured that the process of reform of the electoral system in the country has been going on for ten years and technology «was not a goal in itself.»

«The reform was dedicated to democratizing the electoral system. As a result, the choice was made in favor of a model that includes biometric registration and automatic calculation of voting results. This two-component model provided us with a solution to the main task — to provide complete reliability of the voting results and the voters who participated in the elections,» she added.

The head of the CEC also recalled that in the modern history of the republic there have been several crises «associated with post-election aggravations of the situation, and all of them were associated with falsification of voting results.» Therefore, increased attention is paid to ensuring the openness of voting and the reliability of its results.