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Kyrgyzstani injured in migrants fight in Moscow

Migrants from Kyrgyzstan started a fight over a washing machine in Moscow. Russian media report.

According to them, the incident took place on Wednesday in Strogino district. Participants of the fight were a 25-year-old Kyrgyzstani, his 32-year-old relative and several other people of Slavic appearance.

Both men work at the construction market on the Moscow Ring Road. As one of them explained, at about 21.00 they came to Tvardovskogo Street to transport a washing machine. During loading, they had a conflict with citizens, which developed into a fight and shooting from traumatic weapons. The 32-year-old Kyrgyzstani suffered a concussion and was taken to the hospital, but was discharged after providing medical assistance.

Most of the participants of the conflict managed to escape, two migrants from Kyrgyzstan were brought to administrative responsibility.