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Osh city mayor promises not to use administrative resource in elections

All conditions have been created in Osh city for holding fair elections to the City Council. The head of the City Hall Taalaibek Sarybashov told reporters.

He believes that the last elections were held within the framework of the law.

«No offenses were registered either last time. But the Central Election Commission decided to cancel the election results. Some politicians say about possible violations in advance. As a mayor, I can say that the administrative resource will not be used. All employees of the municipal service have been given such a task. We ensured objectivity from the very beginning of the campaign. These politicians confuse today’s elections with the elections that they themselves held,» Taalaibek Sarybashov said.

He intends to run for the mayor of the southern capital again.

«Yes, I hope to become mayor again. But this is up to local deputies to decide,» Taalaibek Sarybashov said.

Repeat elections of deputies of local councils are held in Bishkek, Osh and Tokmak cities today.