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Election results: Bizdin Kyrgyzstan party to get mandates

The Administrative Court of Bishkek considered the complaint of Bizdin Kyrgyzstan party against the decision of the Central Election Commission to cancel the registration of the list of candidates and annul the votes cast for this political organization.

The party leader for Osh city Meder Abdymanapov told 24.kg news agency that the court ruled in favor of the applicants. Bizdin Kyrgyzstan has been restored its right to mandates.

Meder Abdymanapov said that all the accusations against the party that its candidates and electioneerers were allegedly engaged in bribery are far-fetched and the police have not a single proof.

Following the results of the repeat elections of deputies of local councils in the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan, the political organization received 15 mandates.