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Election results: How much parties spent on election campaign

The Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan informs about the receipts and expenditures of electoral funds of political parties for repeat elections to three city councils — in Bishkek, Osh and Tokmak cities.

According to preliminary data from authorized banks (Aiyl Bank, RSK Bank), the electoral funds of political parties participating in the election campaign received a total of 44,308,000 soms, including:

  • In Bishkek — 34,343,000 soms;
  • In Osh — 7,810,000 soms;
  • In Tokmak — 2,154,000 soms.

At least 44,253,000 soms were spent from the funds of parties on covering the costs associated with the election campaign.

  • In Bishkek — 34,342,000 soms;
  • In Osh — 7,770,000 soms;
  • In Tokmak — 2,140,000 soms.

At least 1,470,000 soms were spent on payment of the electoral deposit:

  • In Bishkek — 900,000 soms;
  • In Osh — 450,000 soms;
  • In Tokmak — 120,000 soms.

The electoral deposit to Bishkek and Osh City Councils is 50,000 soms, to other city councils — 20,000 soms.

Organizations that won more than 15 percent of the votes can count on getting their money back.