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Russia not to extend easing of requirements for migrants from Kyrgyzstan

It is not planned to extend easing of some requirements due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has been in effect in Russia since April last year for foreign citizens. A source in law enforcement agencies informed TASS.

A decree of the Russian President Vladimir Putin came into force in April 2020, provisions of which allowed all foreign citizens to temporarily stay and work in the country legally. In addition, foreigners violating the laws were given the opportunity to settle their legal status without any sanctions. The decree remains in effect until June 15 this year.

The enquiry service of the Unified Migration Center in the Moscow Oblast also said TASS that they had no information about the extension of the grace period for migrants in Russia.

«It is still not clear what will happen after June 15. As far as we know, there has not been any extension of these terms so far. Therefore, if this remains the case, a large number of foreign citizens who did not have time to legalize their stay will have to cross the border,» the migration center said, explaining that if the migrant has stayed in the Russian Federation for the entire duration of the pandemic, then he or she will have to leave Russia for three months — 90 days.