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Election results: Reforma party to demand recounting of votes

Reforma party does not agree with preliminary results of elections to the Bishkek City Council. The leader of the political organization Klara Sooronkulova told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, the political association intends to demand recounting of votes.

«We need to wait for the final results. We did not expect the elections would be 100 percent fair, but we thought the October 2020 events would be a lesson for voters. There was bribery of voters; many facts were registered. We will demand cancellation of the results at the polling stations, where violations of the law were registered. In particular, we will demand recounting of votes outside the polling stations. The entire register of voters who voted outside the polling stations needs to be revised,» said Klara Sooronkulova.

She added that the political organization does not intend to hold protests.

In its statement, the political association noted that «observers have revealed many violations both during the election campaign and on the election day, there is a lot of video evidence on social media.»

«Many of the violations were captured, documented in the form of acts. However, despite this, the Bishkek Election Commission and the Central Election Commission did not remove any of these parties from the electoral process, allowing them to bribe and put pressure on voters with impunity,» the party said in the statement.

Elections of deputies of 28 city councils, 420 rural councils and a referendum on adoption of the draft of a new Constitution were held in Kyrgyzstan today. According to preliminary data, seven parties got into the Bishkek City Council.