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Kyrgyzstan’s Embassy in Russia comments on statement of ex-ambassador

In connection with the appeal of citizens of Kyrgyzstan staying on the territory of Russia concerning the statement of the ex-ambassador Raimkul Attokurov that Kyrgyzstan is discussing the possibility of joining Russia, the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in the Russian Federation explains that there are no serious grounds for such statements.

«We stress that Raimkul Attokurov is a citizen of Russia and expressed his personal opinion as a private person. It should be emphasized that the leaders of Kyrgyzstan are pursuing a firm course to protect the sovereignty, territorial integrity of our state and uphold national interests,» the diplomatic mission said.

The Embassy calls on the public, leaders of diaspora organizations to refrain from public statements of a provocative nature, which may harm the state interests.

Statement of the ex-ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Russia, Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Moscow, Raimkul Attokurov, is being discussed on social media. In his recent interview with Pravda.ru, he said that the Kyrgyz Republic is discussing the possibility of joining the Russian Federation. The former ambassador noted that «we must definitely go towards this, because life itself pushes us towards unity.»

Commenting on his statement to 24.kg news agency, Raimkul Attokurov noted that he expressed public opinion, and not his own.