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Prosecutor General: 94 Kyrgyzstanis refused extradition from Russian prisons

Prosecutor General Kurmankul Zulushev told at a meeting of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan that 94 citizens of Kyrgyzstan do not want to be transferred from Russian prisons to their homeland.

He said that deputies have received many requests for transfer of Kyrgyz prisoners from Russia to their home country, and that many couriers end up behind bars for transporting drugs without guilt. However, according to the Prosecutor General, it turns out after inspection that they are still guilty.

«We have met with the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Justice more than once on the issue of extradition of our citizens. Each application is considered. Each of our compatriots in Russia knows how the prosecutor’s office works and that if they just write an application for extradition, we will transfer them here,» Kurmankul Zulushev said.