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Scammers take money from Kyrgyzstanis in Moscow promising return them home

An unknown citizen promised citizens of Kyrgyzstan in Moscow to include them in the list of citizens departing for Kyrgyzstan, took the money and disappeared. The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Russian Federation reports.

The man claimed that his relative was working in the diplomatic mission.

«As a result of fraudulent actions, three citizens of Kyrgyzstan lost 54,000 rubles. Investigative measures are being taken,» the Embassy noted.

There are also complaints of compatriots regarding some Kyrgyz organizations that some activists, using quotas allocated for the diaspora for sending citizens to their homeland, charge a certain fee for mediation services.

«A thorough investigation will be conducted on all the facts. All corruption actions related to the inclusion in the list for sending to Kyrgyzstan will be severely suppressed, the perpetrators will be brought to justice in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation,» the Embassy said.