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Over 670,000 Kyrgyzstanis get pensions in Kyrgyzstan

As of today, more than 670,000 citizens get pensions of various categories in Kyrgyzstan. Chairman of the Social Fund Meder Irsaliev told today at a briefing.

According to him, 55 percent of pensioners are served in banks, 45 percent receive pensions at post offices. «Financing of pensions will be carried out in full and on time next month. Starting from April 10, we will start paying through banks and post offices,» Meder Irsaliev said.

Earlier, the State Registration Service reported that postmen will begin to deliver pensions and allowances to recipients from April 9. If necessary, they will continue to deliver social benefits on weekends. People were asked not to come to the post offices not to violate quarantine regime.