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Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan inspects roadblocks, issue of special passes

The head of the Government of Kyrgyzstan got acquainted with the work of the Commandant’s Office, the process of issue of special passes. The Information Support Department of the Cabinet of Ministers reported.

The Prime Minister noted that the sanitary control posts should clearly fulfill their functions — to prevent unreasonable entry of ordinary citizens into the quarantine zone and not to impede movement of business representatives and doctors. Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev was shown an electronic portal for receiving applications for an electronic pass.

The entire issue of permits processes must be quickly worked out to create favorable conditions for the work of citizens.

Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev

«We cannot issue a pass in paper form, if its electronic version is delayed, this is not good. One mistake can stain the efforts of thousands of people who work day and night,» Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev said.

In addition, the Prime Minister visited several sanitary control posts in the capital.

«Despite the fact that we have set only three reasons for going out, people still do not fully understand the essence of the introduction of the restrictions. The curfew announcement is a serious statement. Therefore, tighten control, you must not allow unreasonable going out into the street. Every citizen must understand this. But as for doctors and entrepreneurs, there should be a green corridor for them. You can’t delay them. Quickly check documents and pass,» the head of the Cabinet said.

The head of Government got acquainted with the working conditions of law enforcement agencies and doctors on duty at sanitary checkpoints. Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev noted that it is necessary to control and prevent government officials from driving their private cars around without special permission.

As of today, there are 116 confirmed coronavirus facts in Kyrgyzstan. At least 1,900 people contacted the infected. Five patients with coronavirus are in intensive care units, two of them are in critical condition on mechanical ventilation.