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People, including Kyrgyzstanis, starving in Al-Hol refugee camp in Syria

Al-Hol refugee camp is in dire straits. Parents of Kyrgyzstanis, who had previously left for Syria, told at a press conference.

According to them, 137 citizens of Kyrgyzstan and 400 their children are in refugee camps in the Middle East.

«As far as we know, the situation in Al- Hol camp is difficult. Refugees are starving, suffer from unsanitary conditions, many get sick, children die,» Marina Alyikulova told.

The Al-Hol camp is located in the north-east of Syria. According to some reports, 70,000 people currently live there, 49,000 of them are children.

Earlier, civil activists called on the authorities to speed up the process of returning Kyrgyz refugees from Syria. The Government responded to the call and informed about the start of work in August 2019. However, nothing has been done so far.

«Our diplomats and experts are ready to leave and begin work on taking the Kyrgyz children out of Iraq,» Foreign Minister Chingiz Aidarbekov said at a press conference in January 2020.