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Committees to prevent domestic violence formed in Kyrgyzstan

Committees for prevention of domestic violence began to be opened in many areas of Kyrgyzstan. The Information Support Department of the Government Office reported.

This is a permanent collegial body created on a voluntary basis from among representatives of state bodies, religious, non-governmental organizations and other members of the local community for interaction and interagency coordination.

As noted, the main tasks of the committees are to work with citizens’ appeals at the local level, providing legal, psychological, informational support to victims of domestic violence. In addition, the committees will monitor the situation to prevent domestic violence, abduction of girls for marriage and early marriage.

Earlier, with the support of international partners, pilot projects were created in 27 regions of the republic to develop committees on prevention of domestic violence. «These projects have shown their successfulness and effectiveness. Their main task is prevention of all forms of violence through interaction of all actors,» the statement says.

The Cabinet also stresses that an information campaign «180 Days Against Domestic Violence» is currently conducted in the country.