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Kyrgyz activists make funny and informative videos about budget

Videos have been shot in Kyrgyzstan that explain in an accessible way what a budget is and how it is formed. The videos were posted on social media by the members of «I and Budget» initiative group.

A comic Boronchu Kudaibergenov and a poet-improviser Bayan Akmatov participated in the filming. The videos were shot with the support of UNDP.

Artists clearly show how taxes are collected, from what they are formed and how public money is distributed.

Bayan Akmatov tells about importance of public hearings on the state budget and that every citizen has the right to know how the budget is formed and what it is spent on.

«Our main goal is to show what the budget is, what it consists of, who influences decision-making on budget distribution for the coming years and how important it is for each citizen to show an active civic position on this topic,» the activists explained.