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CEC reports mass registration of citizens in cities before elections

Election of deputies to Local Councils will take place in the spring in five cities of Kyrgyzstan — Osh, Tokmak, Balykchi, Karakol and Mailuu-Suu. The Central Election Commission reported a sharp influx of citizens wishing to register in these cities.

As the Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission Abdyzhapar Bekmatov told 24.kg news agency, members of the election commission will hold a working meeting on this issue with representatives of the State Registration Service, law enforcement agencies and the State Committee for National Security.

«For example, 2,842 people over 18 years old have been registered for a month in Osh city alone, in Karakol — 1,595, in Tokmak — 6,243. The question is: where did they come from within a month? I understand that people are constantly moving — they leave, they come. But the tendency is that this movement is observed just before the local elections,» he said.

In her turn, the head of the Population Registration Department of the SRS Makhabat Pratova said to 24.kg news agency that they could not ban citizens from moving from districts to cities and have to register them.

«This is the constitutional right of a citizen to move freely within the country. However, it depends on a situation. If a person is temporary registered, then he or she cannot vote. They need to register in the city in which they arrived. Only in this case they will be able to vote. According to the law, there is no norm on absentee voting certificates now,» she explained.

At the same time, Makhabat Pratova stressed: the problem is that there is no norm prohibiting registration of relatives, who have arrived from the province. «It turns out that such a visitor can get a registration from someone, with their consent, of course, and in this case, he or she will be able to fulfill civic duty. And then cancel registration after the elections. Unfortunately, such cases are common,» she added.

Recall, regular elections to 30 Local Councils (25 Rural Council and 5 cities) will take place in Kyrgyzstan on April 12, 2020.