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Higher education to be reformed to make graduates successful in labor market

Graduates of Kyrgyzstan should be in demand on labor markets. Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Kyrgyzstan Nurlan Omurov said at a round table discussion on the National Qualification System.

According to him, the main task of the education system is to give graduates of educational institutions such skills and competencies that are in demand in the labor markets, including the global ones.

«Education system should be formed taking into account the requirements of consumers: society, the state, the labor market, and the international community. Therefore, we must give graduates knowledge, skills, professional and so-called soft skills: the ability to think critically, ability to learn, because all knowledge is aging, the ability to sell oneself in the labor market. To do this, it is necessary to change approaches, methods, infrastructure, content of education,» he said.

If previously purely fundamental knowledge was given, today it is necessary to think how they can be projected competently in solving industry problems.

Nurlan Omurov

Nurlan Omurov added that an educational institution, before forming a list of disciplines, should determine the result of education. It is important to interact with potential employers.

«For example, a person enters university to become an energy engineer. The university should have a clear understanding of what requirements the employer has for skills and knowledge, and based on this, develop a program,» he said.

With the new approach, according to the ministry, the graduates will not only have a diploma of education, but will also receive the necessary qualifications for the labor market.

The deputy minister added that the concept of the National Qualification System was approved by the Government. The ministry currently faces with the task to develop a national qualification framework, sectoral frameworks, professional and state educational standards and procedures for their recognition, assessment systems.