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Unknown women try to disrupt human rights defenders’ forum in Bishkek

A forum is held today in Bishkek to discuss the bill, which obliges NGOs to report on sources of their financing. The deputy of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Baktybek Raiymkulov took the initiative.

A group of women gathered at the hotel entrance in the morning. The head of Adilet Legal Clinic Cholpon Dzhakupova explained 24.kg news agency that they were not participants of the round table discussion. They came with an intention to hinder discussion of the scandalous project. «I had to call our employees so that they wouldn’t let the women in,» Cholpon Dzhakupova said.

Human rights activists ask the deputy to withdraw his initiative. In their opinion, adoption of the bill will entail potential risks for the state and will require additional funding from the budget.

Earlier, experts of Adilet Legal Clinic criticized Baktybek Raimymkulov’s bill. They stress that the bill contains a lot of legal norms that pose serious challenges and threats to the democratic values ​​of the state. And some elements contradict universally recognized principles and norms of international law, constitutional guarantees and legislation.