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Six Kyrgyzstanis detained in Turkey for electronic cigarettes smuggling

Official website of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Turkey reports about detention of six Kyrgyzstanis for smuggling of electronic cigarettes.

On November 29, customs officers of the Istanbul airport checked the cargo of six citizens of Kyrgyzstan, who arrived by flight from Almaty. At least 7,390 boxes of electronic cigarettes were found in their luggage. The Customs Service of Turkey recognized this cargo as smuggling, estimating its value at $ 27,000.

The detainees were charged with smuggling; an investigation was started.

According to the Criminal Code of Turkey, import of goods from abroad without filling out a declaration is punished by 1-5 years in prison and payment of a large fine.

The Ministry of Health of Turkey previously imposed a ban on use of electronic cigarettes and their import from abroad.