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Illegal import of trucks from China revealed with 7.5 million damage

South-West Customs revealed a scheme for illegal import of trucks from China. The State Customs Service of Kyrgyzstan reported.

According to the agency, employees of the department for combating smuggling and violations of customs rules stopped ShacmanX3000, Foton Auman ETX and two Foton Auman trucks to check documents.

It was found out that the registration certificate contained other data that did not correspond to the actual year of manufacture and model of the vehicles.

At the same time, according to information, these trucks were used to transport goods from China to Kyrgyzstan. One truck left the Kyrgyz Republic for the PRC, and another truck, but with the same registration plates, entered the PRC. The preliminary amount of damage caused to the state is about 7,500 million soms.

The fact was registered. The collected materials were sent to the prosecutor’s office of Osh region.