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Kazakhstan not to allow Kyrgyzstan to re-export oil

Kazakhstan will not allow export of oil for re-export. The Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kanat Bozumbaev said, answering a question of journalists about exports to Kyrgyzstan. Tengrinews.kz reports.

«There is no official export of gasoline to Kyrgyzstan. There is gray export, we know about these schemes. We signed a joint order with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Security Committee, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Energy, and imposed restrictions on the export of light petroleum products by road,» the minister said.

«There is also export of oil. If we ship oil to Kyrgyzstan, and this is duty-free (member of the EAEU), then our budget may lose an average of $ 60 per ton. But then they should not re-export these petroleum products. They will not get a chance to get our oil duty free, process it, and then sell gasoline or diesel to Tajikistan or Afghanistan,» said Kanat Bozumbaev.

We will not be someone else’s sponsors. We say: «There will be no re-export, take a small amount for your needs, it is out of question.» They do not agree so far.

Kanat Bozumbaev

According to the Minister of Energy, negotiations between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are still ongoing.