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Labor migrants outraged. Ak Kalpak party leader accused of provocations

The All-Russian Kyrgyz Congress made another statement. This time, the reason for the indignation was the statements of the leader of Ak Kalpak party Ulukbek Mamataev. He advised migrant workers not to interfere with the internal affairs of Kyrgyzstan. This opinion Ulukbek Mamataev expressed in response to the appeal of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Russia, which responded to the initiative of former officials, who call themselves the opposition, about depriving the Russian of the status of official language.

«The phenomenon of years-long labor migration has truly become a tragedy for the Kyrgyz people. In a foreign country, in a difficult moral and psychological environment, separated from their families, often leaving their children to the care of parents and relatives, migrants and guest workers work tirelessly to feed their families. Almost a million of Kyrgyzstanis involuntarily chose the hard fate. They did not see how their parents become old, how their younger siblings grow up, how their children go to school, they did not have the possibility of simple family communication. And the number of broken families and crippled destinies is large. They are not guilty of the fact that, wanting to feed their families, they stay in the states in which they work,» the All-Russian Kyrgyz Congress stated.

According to labor migrants, the main culprits of this tragedy are those politicians, who put personal interests above the interests of the people and the state, as a result of which the country has been in a state of instability for ten years.

«One of such «pseudo-politicians,» who claim to have a power in Kyrgyzstan, is the chairman of Ak Kalpak party, allegedly advocating for the people. He cannot but know that the remittances of the migrant workers are equal to the budget of the republic and the current social and economic stability of the republic and the Kyrgyz som is also their merit,» the statement stresses.

The Congress called the position of Ulukbek Mamataev immoral, showing his elementary illiteracy, the desire to hype himself at the expense of the hard fate of the migrants.

The All-Russian Kyrgyz Congress asks the President of the country, the deputies of the Parliament to give a corresponding legal assessment to the words of Ulukbek Mamataev, since his provocative statements contain an obvious attempt to undermine social stability in the country, calling for deterioration of relations with the main and strategic partner of the Kyrgyz Republic — the Russian Federation.