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Former Ambassador Kylychbek Sultan returns to Kyrgyzstan

Former Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Korea Kylychbek Sultan returns to his homeland. He informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, he is in Almaty and will arrive in the country soon.

I have not applied for a political asylum in any country. This was a statement for the press only. I have enough contacts with the diplomatic corps of different countries. I could easily get the status of a political refugee, but did not want.

Kylychbek Sultan

«My statement was aimed at showing the current government of Kyrgyzstan what their unfair decisions can turn into for an individual. This was done in order to once again show Sooronbai Jeenbekov the seriousness and reliability of my statements about corruption in the diplomatic mission,» Kylychbek Sultan said.

He still hopes to meet with the president of the country to personally report on the facts of corruption and violations in the diplomatic corps.

«I am ready to take risk. But I know that until I personally explain the essence of all matters to the president, the persecution against me will continue. We know that our law enforcement and judicial bodies only carry out orders. Therefore, in the case of initiation of proceedings against me, I do not hope for objectivity. Proof is the decision of the Security Council. But, having read the last interview of Sooronbai Jeenbekov, I had a hope that the president, as a sincere person, was ready to listen to criticism for the good of the country and reforms,» the former ambassador noted.

Kylychbek Sultan will take part in the kurultai, which will be held on November 24.

«I believe that the kurultai is timely. This is due to the fact that today the Parliament turned out to be out of politics. The parliament does not raise sharp questions about the situation in the country. Therefore, public patriots are forced through the kurultai to bring to power and express their opinions. I think we will hear the bitter truth,» said Kylychbek Sultan.

Recall, having checked the statement on corruption in the Malaysian Embassy of Kyrgyzstan, the Security Council accused Kylychbek Sultan of violations. After that, the former ambassador to Korea announced his intention not to return to Kyrgyzstan.