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Residents of Naryn region restore 2.5 kilometers of irrigation canal

Residents of two villages in Ak-Tala district of Naryn region completed the restoration and strengthening of the irrigation canal with a length of over 2.5 kilometers. The press service of the UN World Food Program in Kyrgyzstan reported.

Within two months, residents of Baetovo and Terek villages, with the support of local authorities, the Emergency Situations Ministry and the UN WFP, restored and strengthened the banks of Chon-Baktygul canal. Due to this, the loss of irrigation water will be minimal, and the irrigation area will be about 710 hectares of fields and more than 400 hectares of gardens in two villages.

Earlier, more than 1.2 km of the concrete covering of the canal was completely or partially destroyed.

Almost 12,000 people live in Baetovo village, and a little less than 1,500 inhabitants — in Terek village.

«The restored irrigation canal solved the temporary employment problem of the poor residents of two villages, who received enriched flour and vegetable oil from WFP for their work,» the report says.