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Candidate for ombudsman Mamaturaiym Momunov withdraws his candidacy

Candidate for the post of Ombudsman Mamaturaiym Momunov withdrew his candidacy. He stated this at a plenary session.

Deputies have to elect ombudsman of the country today. At least four candidates run for the post now — former security officer, 64-year-old general Tokon Mamytov; doctor of law Kanatbek Aziz; human rights activist Rita Karasartova and the ex-first deputy prosecutor general Ryskul Baktabayev.

Ombudsman is elected by secret voting. Majority of present deputies should vote for a candidate to elect him the main human rights defender of the country. If no candidate wins the majority of votes, a second round is held for two candidates who received the same and the largest number of votes. If the second round fails to elect an ombudsman, the third round is held. If none of the candidates won, new elections are held with the nomination of new candidates. Repeated elections are held not earlier than 14 and no later than 30 days after the first voting.

Recall, Kubat Otorbaev resigned from the post of ombudsman on June 26. According to him, he made the decision deliberately and without any pressure from outside.