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SRS takes money from Uzbek citizens for accelerated registration in Issyk-Kul

Employees of the State Registration Service take money from citizens of Uzbekistan for accelerated registration in Issyk-Kul region. Dastan Bekeshev posted on Facebook.

The parliament deputy recently visited Issyk-Kul region. He was told how the staff of SRS enriched themselves at the expense of tourists from Uzbekistan. From June 1 to August 6, at least 5,174 out of 8,592 registered foreigners in the region came from Uzbekistan. All the Uzbeks, who enter the Kyrgyz Republic for more than five days, must register. If a foreigner enters a guest house, a boarding house, a hotel, then its administration processes registration for him or her.

«The fee for registration is 100 soms. They register, in theory, for a day, but this is done if «to speed up» registration by money. As a rule, all accelerate registration. Nobody wants the guests to feel uncomfortable because of the lack of a passport. Other 100 soms are paid for each guest. The money is put into pocket. Mainly the Uzbeks have a rest in Issyk-Kul region — 4,642 people in two months. On average, for two months, the SRS staff «earned» about 300,000 soms,» Dastan Bekeshev said.

The State Registration Service told 24.kg news agency that they were already carrying out an internal investigation into the facts announced by the deputy. If the information is confirmed, the guilty will be punished.

Dastan Bekeshev suggests not to look for the guilty, because no one has written a statement about the informal fees. The deputy suggested the Prime Minister to extend the stay of Uzbek citizens in Kyrgyzstan without registration from five to 30 days.

«Citizens of South Africa can stay in our country for 30 days without registration, and why can not we make concessions for our beloved neighbors? I am sure that this would be considered very friendly in Uzbekistan, and it will be useful to us to attract tourists,» Dastan Bekeshev is sure.