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Vote of no confidence in Albek Ibraimov. Prime Minister is to decide

Deputies of the Bishkek City Council expressed a vote of no confidence in the mayor of Bishkek, Albek Ibraimov. The decision was taken at an extraordinary session of the BCC today.

Voting took place secretly, 40 deputies out of 45 took part in it. The decision was made unanimously.

In the case of vote of no confidence in the mayor of the city by the BCC deputies, according to the Law on the Status of the Capital, the Prime Minister has the right to decide on his early dismissal or disagree with the decision of the council. In case of repeated vote of no confidence in the mayor by BCC deputies within three months, the Prime Minister removes him from his post.

Recall, the holding of the extraordinary session was announced yesterday, July 12. BCC Speaker Almaz Kenenbaev noted that the main issues on the agenda were the current situation in the life support of the city and the arrest of the First Vice Mayor Renat Makenov. The leader of the majority coalition Taalaibek Sagynov said that the deputies intend to express a vote of no confidence in the Mayor Albek Ibraimov.

The deputies, who earlier supported him, including from the Social Democrats faction, initiated the no-confidence motion against the mayor. However, the situation has changed after the arrest of the First Vice Mayor Renat Makenov, and BCC spoke for the resignation of Albek Ibraimov. He went on vacation a few days ago. There was information that he had left the country. But the press service of the city administration denied the mayor’s escape.

According to sources, Albek Ibraimov did not leave Kyrgyzstan and was in Bishkek.