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Sadyr Japarov accepts resignation of mayor of Bishkek Aziz Surakmatov

Acting President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Prime Minister Sadyr Japarov accepted resignation of the mayor of Bishkek Aziz Surakmatov. The order was posted on Twitter by the Bishkek City Hall.

Aziz Surakmatov resigned. Prior to that, he appointed ex-mayor of Bishkek Nariman Tyuleev to the post of the First Vice Mayor. By law, he should serve as mayor until the election of a new one. However, it became known today that he had left the post. Almaz Baketaev became the First Vice Mayor of the capital.

The mayor of Bishkek is elected by the City Council. Faction and majority coalition as well as the prime minister can nominate candidates.

It should be noted that the elections of the mayor of Bishkek will not be held yet, because elections of the mayor are not held six months before the end of the term of office of the City Council. Such a norm is stipulated in the Law on the Status of the Capital. The Bishkek City Council is to be re-elected in April 2021.