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Fuels price not to expectedly change in July

A significant change in prices for petroleum products is not expected in July in Kyrgyzstan. But the adjustment of the cost of certain types of fuel in accordance with the amount of the fees paid is possible. The Association of Oil Traders reported.

According to its data, as a result of the first half of the year, growth in retail prices for fuel and lubricants, as compared to the beginning of the year, was registered throughout the republic. During January-June, gasoline in the country grew in price by an average of 2.6 soms (6.5 percent), and the average cost of diesel fuel increased by 4.4 soms (11 percent).

«The situation on the wholesale market of petroleum products in Russia has stabilized recently. The rise in prices stopped, the cost of wholesale shipments of fuel with delivery in July remained at the last month level. Stabilization of prices in the wholesale segment was caused by the correction of stock quotes on the world oil market. The measures taken by the government of the Russian Federation to contain the sharp rise in fuel prices, in particular, the operative reduction of excise tax rates for gasoline and diesel fuel, also played a role. However, in some cases, the supply of petroleum products from Russia to Kyrgyzstan continues to be carried out with payment of the export duty (in July — $ 41.7 per ton),» the association commented.