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Price of AI 95 gasoline increases by almost 2 soms for month

Price of AI 95 gasoline increased by 1.73 soms in March. Data provided by the National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan say.

If as of March 1 the price of AI 95 was 69.51 soms, then by April 1 it increased to 71.24 soms. Compared to the beginning of April 2023, it increased by 11.84 soms.

Price of AI 92 also increased from 62.31 soms at the beginning of March to 64.46 soms by April 1. Compared to last year, the price of this type of gasoline increased by 11.38 soms.

Diesel fuel also continues to rise in price. Over the month, its price increased by 1.5 soms — from 71.26 soms to 72.76. But compared to 2023, diesel fuel is 0.39 soms cheaper.