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Kyrgyzstan not to respond to US trade sanctions against Russia

Kyrgyzstan will not impose restrictions on goods from the United States of America in response to sanctions against Russia. The Minister of Economy Oleg Pankratov announced this today at the session of the Parliament.

Iskhak Masaliev raised the sanctions issue. He recalled that the USA imposed duties on the import of goods for many countries. The deputy asked if Kyrgyzstan would respond to such measures.

«No, Kyrgyzstan will not respond to it. This is relationship between the two countries. The duties are not applied to us directly, so we will not respond. This is the right of the WTO, if one of the countries introduces restrictive measures, then the other party can respond in a similar way. There are no such measures against us. If now we do something, we can get a response, but we do not need it. In general, we are talking about the concern that today’s state of affairs is causing. There are certain rules of the WTO. There is a violation of these rules now. The sides violate them,» stressed Oleg Pankratov.

Recall, US President Donald Trump imposed duties on a number of goods from Europe, Russia and China. As experts say, at present there is a «trade war» between the European Union and the United States. The Europeans are extremely unhappy with the protectionist policy of Donald Trump, which inflicts damage to the European companies.

Russia has already expressed a desire to join the EU’s trade dispute with the United States in the WTO.