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KR not render humanitarian assistance to compatriots in emergency situations

Kyrgyzstan does not provide humanitarian assistance to compatriots in emergency situations. Report of a working group of the parliamentary committee says.

«The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic annually sends humanitarian aid to ethnic Kyrgyz living in the Great and Little Pamirs. However, the ethnic Kyrgyz, living in Afghanistan, are not compatriots according to the acting law, as they are subjects of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. At the same time, the majority (90 percent) of them do not have documents confirming their Afghanistan’s citizenship,» the document says.

According to the legislation, the notion «compatriots» applies only to citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, but does not apply to representatives of other ethnic groups and diasporas, living in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad.

Report of a working group of parliamentary committee

According to the report, the Council for Relations with Compatriots Abroad, established in 2015, also does not work.