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National Bank of Kyrgyzstan intervenes to сurb dollar exchange rate growth

A sharp rise in price of the U.S. dollar forced the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan to intervene for the first time in two months in the foreign exchange market. The website of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

The day before, the National Bank sold $ 3.4 million with settlements on the date of the transaction and $ 4,750 million — with settlements different from the date of the transaction. This is the first intervention in April and the fourth — since the beginning of the year.

The dollar in Kyrgyzstan began growing two days ago. For four days, it grew in price by 70-80 tyiyn. The intervention slightly lowered the dollar exchange rate. Today, the capital’s exchange offices and commercial banks buy the currency for 69.1-69.15 soms, and sell — for 69.35-69.4.

Nominal rate of the National Bank is 68,6775 soms (0.4 percent growth per day).