USD 89.02
EUR 94.77
RUB 0.95

Buying rate of U.S. dollar drops in Kyrgyzstan

Buying rate of the U.S. dollar has dropped over the past 24 hours in Kyrgyzstan. Banks sell the currency at a single rate.

Today, exchange offices in the capital and commercial banks buy the dollars for 89.3-89.4 soms and sell for 89.87 soms. The nominal rate was set by the National Bank at 89.4074 soms (0.07 percent drop).

The euro also depreciated a little. Today it is bought for 95.6-96 soms, sold for 96.2-96.74 soms. Its official exchange rate is 96.4706 soms (0.04 percent growth).

The Russian ruble still remains cheaper than the som. It is bought for 0.95-0.96 soms, sold for 0.977-0.985 soms. The nominal exchange rate is 0.9667 soms (0.06 percent growth).

The Kazakh tenge remains relatively stable. Its buying rate is 0.13-0.14 soms, the selling rate is 0.205-0.21 soms. The official rate is 0.2002 soms (0.05 percent growth).