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Leadership of Education Ministry not want to fight causes of corruption

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic 25 percent executed a detailed plan for dismantling systemic corruption. Press service of the president reported.

According to its data, the ministry did not impement 108 anti-corruption measures (52 percent).

The working group of the Security Council, having considered the report on the implementation of recommended anti-corruption measures, recognized the work of the Ministry of Education insufficient.

The Ministry is a corruption-prone state body. Areas of increased corruption risk are present starting from kindergartens, schools, universities and ending with science, public procurement and the use of budgetary funds.

Press service of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic

«The program of electronic enrolment of children at schools has not been implemented so far, incentive programs for the opening and development of private kindergartens by granting preferential loans have not been developed or implemented, universities do not use the electronic control system for plagiarism of students’ research papers. In addition, the mechanism for checking driving schools in terms of implementing educational programs and the quality of driver training has not been developed,» the report said.

The working group particularly noted the shortcomings in the work of the licensing department and the Department of Science at the Ministry of Education and Science, where significant corruption risks were previously detected.

According to the members of the Security Council’s working group, there is a clear reluctance of certain heads of the Ministry of Education to fight the causes of corruption.

«A lot of scientific works have been prepared in many branches of science today, which, unfortunately, are in fact inapplicable in practice and ineffective. In addition, many thesis and doctoral works do not have any relation to their authors. Such a situation harms the domestic science,» the members of the working group noted.

The State Secretary of the Ministry Zhaparkul Tashiyev assured that the submitted recommendations would not be left without attention and would be executed.

The Ministry of Education and Science was recommended to urgently begin the implementation of partially executed and unfulfilled activities, as well as impose disciplinary sanctions on employees of all departments of the central apparatus that did not implement the anti-corruption measures of the detailed plan.